Your guide to Costa Rica off the beaten path

Your guide to Costa Rica off the beaten path

"Take the opportunity to see Costa Rica off the beaten path. Travel at your own pace, without the crowds, and get a feel for the different climates and cultures, the wonder of the wildlife, the beauty of the land and its people. Whatever your dream Costa Rica vacation is, we have the experience to connect you with it."

Beatrice Blake, Author of The New Key to Costa Rica, now in its 19th edition

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information on the web and all the claims of eco-this and eco-that?

Get expert travel planning advice from guidebook author Beatrice Blake, who has been intimately involved with the development of ecotourism in Costa Rica.

Let us help you plan a fulfilling and rewarding Costa Rica vacation that will meet the needs of everyone in your family or group while benefiting the environment and people that you came to see.

To see how Beatrice can take the stress out of planning your vacation, sign up for a travel planning consultation.
Save time and money with a travel planning consultation!! Are you bleary-eyed from staring at your computer, trying to plan your Costa Rica vacation? We can help you cut through the information overload and devise a simple, flowing travel plan ...
The 495-page New Key to Costa Rica gives you all the information you need to plan an eco-friendly Costa Rican vacation. Author Beatrice Blake has 30 years of experience in writing only about Costa Rica, and was instrumental in the ...
Customized Ecotourism Itineraries
Experience the majestic rainforest, and your kids will love the ziplines or the whitewater rafting that have made Costa Rica famous.
We have a bevy of experienced birding guide/drivers who will take you off the beaten track...
Explore and enjoy interesting places at a leisurely pace... watch your child's fascination with leaf-cutter ants, tropical flowers, or sea foam.